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The new Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) the Sonata rings table filled with futuristic style, hidden potent attributes. Aerodynamic
aesthetic style inspiration in the super yacht launched in 2012 two complete dial, with sturdy sleek case, filled with masculinity.
Case choice of titanium material, a costume Gold and tough enamel, and an additional version with 18K rose gold. Sonata the ringing
Table dial style enables the wearer to embody the essence of maritime navigation, two dials are joined strongly geometric detail, smooth
structure from the case to a much more contemporary black rolex .
Together with Sonata ringing distinctive style, precision overall performance that may not be ignored. Sonata the ringing table is gold
mechanical watch, equipped with self-patented self-winding movement. The dream group of engineers and technicians of Ulysse Nardin begin
study and development took seven years to total the self-movement, to display unprecedented accuracy and number of functions.
Movement with 22K gold automatic plate and also the silicon anchor escapement, anchor escapement and escapement wheel tailor produced of
silicon material, innovation and invention. Silicon hairspring and crucial acclaim of Athens inertia balance wheel, to additional
improve the accuracy from the Sonata ringing table, is Ulysse Nardin other achievements are committed to innovation. The brand continued
exploration and application of novel supplies, production of all silicon material watch parts via its Group members Sigatec.
Equally essential attributes consist of rendered alarm movement from the sonata-like harmony ringtones the two:00 position dial alarm
setting time may be displayed; ten:00 position dial countdown alarm time of 24 hours, to ensure that the wearer can begin time
nonetheless required time to set the alarm within the 24 hours prior to the pre-calculated off the alarm, and clearly determine the
alarm to begin within the morning or within the afternoon; 9:00 with alarm device to activate or deactivate the indication needle.
Sonata the rings table there with patent-clockwise quick transfer method from the device s dual time zone. six o clock position will be
the second time zone dial a 24-hour format breitling parts . Gently press the button, the hour hand directly tune 1 hour prior to the - button to adjust
the hour hand directly following 1 hour, the minute hand continued to operate, with out affecting accuracy. Across the International
Date Line-clockwise adjustment from the location of origin, date, alarm, and countdown display may also synchronize automatically
forward or backward handy incomparable. rolex collection Adjust the second time zone, big date display window and countdown functions will sync
Every Sonata ringing table costume black calfskin strap or black rubber strap with folding buckle add sophisticated texture, exquisite
creating power. 2012 new Sonata rings table style consists of aerodynamic and futuristic components, showing the Ulysse Nardin
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