Retail Intelligence

If you are looking for a solution to provide…

  • Effective means to find sources of growth and minimize losses
  • A way to avoid replacing your existing system landscape
  • More useful information to frame key executive decisions
  • Quick turnaround in implementing a decision architecture that is relevant in your current business and the  market  environment
  • Results that pay back the investment as you implement


Retail_intelligence_1   then you need an interactive decision solution to exchange      ineffective, after-the-fact decisions for timely, effective ones.    Decision focus is on customer relationship insights,  merchandising and brand management, store operations, and  supply chain.




Focus –> High Value, Uncertain Outcome Decisions

For more timely, effective decisions: Apply a reverse-engineered decision filter using history to identify high value inflection points, enabling executives to reverse emerging downtrends, fix sudden disruptions, or seize opportunities.

  • Out of synch shipments: global vs. local; seasonal; store types
  • Missed opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Poor loyal customer buys of new items
  • Inventory misallocation to channels
  • Labor mismatch at peak times
  • Base assortment not being replenished
  • Base price “misses” vs. competition
  • Lack of vendor profit stats for negotiations/rationalizing lines
  • Sub-optimal supply channel routing
  • Grand opening surge –> Stock-outs

S3 Group Inc

Inside S3

S3 Group is a Premier Consulting firm providing strategic supply chain solutions and services to the Logistics/Supply Chain industry.

Why S3 Group?

Recruit experienced, high quality professionals and empower them to succeed and realize their full potential with ongoing training and personnel development


Our company is built and continues to expand upon a basic belief in our people – the wisdom of their experience, the creativity of their ideas and the practicality of their solutions.


Discount Retail Chain based in Georgia, USA

S3 Group is our partner in maintaining and supporting our WMS systems for several years. Their expert knowledge in WMS Operational, Functional and Technical areas has assisted us tremendously. The S3 team worked with us in our initial implementation of WMS and their MHE integration knowledge has helped us in implementing a new Print and Apply and Sorter system. S3 Group is always ready to assist with our needs in an expedient and professional manner. Their team goes above and beyond in supporting our initiatives.

WMS Analyst II,
IS Department

Specialty Retail CIO

S3 Group knowledge in Retail and Supply chain helped us tremendously when we implemented Retail ERP with WMS. They delivered the project on time and within our budget.

Specialty Retail Group CIO